Shaping Intimacy

Many believe intimacy is a given, and should just happen naturally, like in the movies. Intimacy is not a fixed thing that you are born with and you either have or you donít. Intimacy is learned and shaped through family bonds, peer relationships and life experience in general. Therefore how we have learned to be intimate is very individual and personal to each of us. The feeling of intimacy is an outcome of how we relate to one-another.

The workshop is designed to help you to discover how intimacy works in your relationship and how to deepen the experience.

The weekend is an opportunity to step out of your daily lives and nourish your self and your relationship in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

John and Sally have developed their working relationship over the past 15 years through a shared passion for Formative Psychology and for working with couples to help them deepen and extend their relationships. They are both registered psychotherapists working with individuals, groups and as supervisors.

Sally Forster Sally has a private individual and group therapy practice at Spectrum Therapy in London and at Yafford on the Isle of Wight.